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220 Level Cap Patch

Hello everyone, the wait is finally over, what you have all been asking for, for a very long time, today I introduce you to the official Aphelion LC 220 Patch:


Firstly, please expect mass reboots and fixes over the next few days, this patch is insanely huge and there is bound to be some issues along the way. It will all be resolved so do not panic


Secondly, please enjoy a goodie package to celebrate the new launch


Enter this code at Lorraine for the free items:






__220 Level Cap Patch__


Please read the notes below to understand what is new




In this patch, we have pretty much re-designed the game settings, this means, settings will now apply to your FPS and performance.


The best settings has been posted already in announcements, aswell as information about the settings you should apply to keep higher FPS and prevent problems

This will help you to adjust settings based on your computer, to allow for smoother game plays, please find your perfect settings, and make sure to save them

by logging out of the game and closing the client, and re-opening, thank you! We hope this provides a better functionality of FPS during game-play.


- Hide Models feature has now been added, you can hide alot of models in certain maps to boost FPS check this option or uncheck it in the options/settings in game.


__General Notes:__


1) The range of monsters and NPC's have been restored to previous settings as this gave alot of memory loss issues. This will make some monsters fall from the sky due to such a short range, but its better for FPS.


2) The Pet EXP Cooldown Items have been capped at level 205


3) Several server crashes has been fixed now


4) The general PvE Damage has been reduced by -30% [You won't notice any change due to several buffs in other areas, this is simply just to balance out the damages for the new level cap damages]


5) General HP of monsters has been reduced by -20%


6) Battle Pass Points has been reduced by -20% (You'll see why soon in future notes)


7) General Gold Drop has been reduced by -20% (You'll see why soon in future notes)


8) No new accessories apart from rings have been added, so you can continue to use the previous accessories.


9) The new Options for equiptment mentioned in the last patch notes is now avaliable for use


9.1) Added new Rings to the item mall following the previous ones:


- Ring of Battle Pass: Increased Battle Pass Points 1-10% x6

- Ring of Gold Drop: Increases Gold by 1-5% x6

- Ring of Boss!: Damage to Bosses increased 1-10% x6


10) The Maximum reborns is now 8, and you need to reborn x2 more in order to get the full reborn buff - you can do this via the website, or by reborn skip tickets as usual.


11) The HP of yourself, other players, monsters, bosses, and pets all will now show commas, to make reading everything a little easier.


11) All Expeditions on Normal and Hard will now give x1 box of weapons, armor and wings level 200.


12) The maximum + of weapons is now +30 instead of +28


13) The Guild boss has changed:


- New Look

- New Design

- New difficult in defense and HP only, he still will only hit 1

- New drops and legendary drops to share between guild if you're lucky

- No time change


13.1) The guild hall has been completely re-designed and turned into a Guild Village, check out the incredible work done!


NOTE: Guild Boss is now inside the Boss Area inside the guild hall, enjoy!!!


14) Siege Buffs has been combined together, if you have them active they will stack until they run out


- You can exchange the old potions for new at Siege Manager

- Upgraded some of the buffs this potion now gives


15) The 5 second cooldown on swapping equipment has been removed


16) White Angel Wings being invisible is now fixed


18) This patch is very large due to several reasons [4GB]:


- Brand new maps designed by the incredible BanG!

- I have created over 200 brand new, custom models to Aphelion, to allow us to create unique and wonderful maps in future, it's easier to keep

  it in our files, even if not used.

- I have created over 50 new P2 pets to be used (read below)

- I have created over 100 custom brand new NPCs, Monsters and Bosses to be used in future


However, many of these files are going to be replaced and overwritted, so it should be around 1GB once the patch is applied to your clients


When I get time, I am going to reduce the size of the client by deleting useless files, and will release this publically.


19) New Item Mall Items:


- Ring Of EXP [1-10% EXP x6 for 7 days] Level 1-185 only

- Ring of Battle Pass [1-10% x6 BP Points for 7 days]

- Ring of Gold Drop [1-5% Gold Drop x5 for 7 days]

- Ring of Boss [1-10% Damage to Boss x6 for 7 days]

- Ultimate Ring Lucky Box - can obtain the new Legendary Ring [1D] [7D] [14D] [30D] or permanent (read below for info about this ring)

- Car Customisation Card, with this limited item, you can request a custom car designed only for you, once the car is designed, it will be named after you "[Player Name] - Car" and given to you

- +30 Platinum Refining Stone [30D]

- Luxury C2 Accessory boxes for each class, inside you will find custom, unique and beautiful accessories (back covers) for all classes, one box gives a random accessory, you can see what is inside

  this box via the guides in the guide discord

- Legendary Aqua Dragon Collar

- Legendary Black Dragon Collar

- Legendary Red Dragon Collar

- Legendary White Dragon Collar

- Legendary Blue Dragon COllar

- Legendary Dino Collar

- Rainbow Cow Collar

- Pink Cow Collar

- Bubblegum Cow Collar

- Brown Cow Collar

- BlueWhite Cow Collar

- BluePink Cow Collar

- White Cow Collar

- Flaming Wolf Collar

- Raging Wolf Collar

- Pink Shark Collar

- Blue Shark Collar

- Raid Restart Dungeon Card


Item Mall Limited Time Sale:


*In this patch, I am offering a limit sale of new items, the limits are low but once sold will never be restocked:*


- Skill Mastery Credit x50 [Limit: 50] (Used to learn new skill levels)

- Level 8 Jewel Box x1 [Limit: 1000]

- Lucky Box: The Wonder Token [Limit: 1000]


20) The New Ultimate Ring of Aphelion accessory:


- Introduced a new system of equiptment with up to 10 stats, this has been applied to this ring

- Currently only avaliable via the item mall

- Has 10 total stats:


1 - Damage to Monsters 100%

2 - Increase Cash +5

3 - Online Time Points +20%

4 - Skill Power 100%

5 - Drop Rate 10%

6 - Gold Increase 20%

7 - Battle Pass Points 50%

8 - Damage to Boss 50%

9 - Pet EXP 500%

10 - Duration of Buffs 50%


Only 1 of this accessory can be used at once, and cannot be stacked with other 1 time accessories


- The Box will give you a random time from 1d to permanent, but permanent is obviously very hard.

- Cannot be reformed

- Can be socketed & jeweled


21) Juno has been totally redesigned:


- Over 1,000 useless textures have been deleted to help with any fps issues in Juno [Not totally fixed, but should help]

- Juno has been totally re-designed as you will be able to see, check out the new Wedding Area, Area, and new models!

- Juno quest area has been moved to outside of Juno, to prevent so many NPC's in town, also helping with FPS issues, there is now a second teleporter inside the spawn zone to take you there [SAFE AREA]

- All C2 stores have been moved (see below)


22) Extreme Juno re-design:


- We have edited the C2 area of Extreme Juno, all C2 Shops inside Juno have been moved to Extreme Juno in the same area

- Edited some of the looks of the C2 Shops to match newer equiptment etc


23) Chaos Ball functions have changed:


- We can now update the chaos ball rewards without ever having to reboot the channels

- New Jackpot item announcements have been made for super rare items

- Some items have been added/removed and probability changes have also been made

- Note, we will change this in the coming days or weeks, no rewards have been changed just yet


24) The server crashes happening whilst working on this patch have not gone un-noticed, 3 of them have been fixed, and we will continue working to fix

all crashes for more stable servers.


__Removal of Old Content__


1) Frostcore Affinity and Frostcore ruins has been disabled


2) Cosomnaut Affinity and Constellation Crypt map has been disabled


3) Realm of Gilese and Gilese Affinity has been disabled


This is due to the new content, the old becomes un-needed and will confuse new players, this also provides less content for new players to complete in order to feel full


Note: Important NPC's exchangers can now be found in Juno

Note: Items given from these Affinities are now avaliable from The Wonders Affinity [See below]


24.1) The Forest has also been disabled, and it has tranfromed into a new map called The Canyon of Death, this is simply an upgrade to this map, so the same features apply from Forest to here


- Quest names changes

- Forest Entry ticket changed to Canyon Entry Ticket

- Achievements also avaliable in this map

- PvP disabled here but is open pvp on ch1/3


25) You can now only teleport to these Zones on Channel 1 and Channel 3 [PvP Maps]


- Ice Realm

- Fire Realm

- Maldagar Dungeon

- Hell's Jail

- The Vendetta Arena


26) When inside Offline Merchant Mode, you will now recieve -50% Cash and Online Time Points


- Only deducts -50% from the account/ player that is in the offline shop, if you have multiclient open (that is not in shop) - you will still recieve full cash

- All potions and titles that increase cash, will still give you additional cash, but at the -50% rate recieved 

- Online shops, will recieve the normal amount of cash online


27) The FPS issues inside The Hell's Jail has been fixed


- Hell's Jail has also had a re-design and features a new look with new models!

- More monsters have been spawned inside The Hell's Jail to help with achievements




28) Added Pet Keeper III to Juno for missing pet quests, and all new Pet Quests will be from this NPC.


29) Located in Juno is now an Event Item Exchanger, you and get rewards for completing events from staff by exchanging your tokens for these rewards, or you can continue to open the boxes as normal


30) Pets can be worn in Juno again, if this continues to provide such high memory loss, we will disable once again.


31) Added a new Content Creator Title for players who want to make content for Aphelion LC - Check this channel: https://discord.com/channels/974799644867575828/1236387465900589187


32) Upgraded VIP Super Title


33) The Tokens you had for Pre-Release Boxes have now changed into the box, you can simply double click this to open what is inside, thanks for your support!


33.1) Pre-Release Token Exchanger is now in Juno ready for you to exchange your coins


34) Fixed an issue where Battle pass was not resetting after each month, this will now reset regardless if you are offline or online


35) Totem Boxes have been added to the game


- Wonders Affinity

- Siege Exchanger

- Item Mall


You can open the Totem Box to recieve several totems


Totems will provide buffs, healing and damage to targets around you, can be used in PvP or PvE to help you during combat


36) Several useless buffs have been disabled, to prevent any issues on the buff bar, and reduce the potions required to play in pve or pvp:


- Chicken Noodle Soup

- Sweet Melon

- Super Sweet Melon

- White Cherry Blossom

- Red Cherry Blossom

- Moon Cake

- [Party] Increase Defense Lv 2

- [Party] Increase Attack Power & Attack Speed

- Large Attack Potion

- Large Defense Potion


If you held any of these items, they will automatically disabled.


37) Legendary Influx of Intelligence duration changed from 10 minutes --> 30 minutes


38) From now on, any box item can be updated in the live server with a new command, this means to change BP rewards, tier spender rewards, and any other box, I can make the changes with no reboot. This means

we no longer need to reboot every month in order to add new BP rewards.


39) Server Protection Upgrade:


- New Gold Limit per character 150t if you have 150t, and get traded gold, u cannot go above 150t so it will remain, the gold is lost. Monsters will not drop gold for anyone who has 150t

- New trade protection and inventory checks, certain items when exceeded a limit will auto ban you and auto delete items, if you play normally, dont need to worry about this

- Also works in merchant mode


40) Anti-Bot system is back for all you little bot heads, u have a math check every 120 minutes, if u get teleported to juno x3 times by not answering question per session, you are banned


- Anyone banned in this method will reap the consequences, it does not "accidentally" ban you, if you are banned by this system, u were simply botting, enjoy ur vacation, I will not be unbanning


Certain Maps are excluded:



Akan Temple


1v1 Arena

Zombie Survival




41) PvP and PvE Siege box rewards updated with new items


42) Easter Event disabled until next year


43) Easter Event items have been disabled until next year


44) Alot of UI changes which will be noticable when playing (e.g item mall, roy/siban)


45) Due to the constant abuse of AFK Farming, all pet aoe skills have been deleted. Sorry to those who used this fairly, but once again, others ruin it for the good people.



__Level-Cap Content:__


1) The level cap has been raised to 220


2) Experience has been carefully crafted from 200-220 and you will need to only farm by killing monsters, no quests are needed


NOTE: In the Level Cap Patch I bring to you only 2 brand new maps, to avoid some confusion of high amounts of content


__Introducing the new 220 PvE Map: The Wonders__


- You can teleport here at level 200 by Teleporter Rhonita

- This map can be used to level up from 200-220 - each monster has a different level, and they all give different amounts of experience, you'll need to travel around The Wonders to level     

  all the way to 220 whilst examining which monsters give the most amount of experience

- At level 200, A new Affinity called The Wonders Affinity can be obtained and farmed, this is a lengthy affinity quest since I am only adding one affinity in the new level cap patch.

  This is meant to be completed over a very long period of time, so do not worry about completing it in one day.

- In this map you can also Farm Wonder Tokens, which are similar to Aphelion LC Tokens, and can be used for many things

- Added a new Wonders Token Laca Ball

- Added a new Wonders Token Exchanger in The Wonders Map

- The Wonders also have several giant bosses, quite literally giants, they will summon in specific locations when players are farming in this map

- Wonders daily quests are avaliable


__220 PvE Set, Runes, Wings and Accessories__


- Introducing a new B4-B8 System of Armor and Weapons, when you obtain a piece of PvE Gear, you can use a magnifying glass on it to achieve stats, B4, B5, B6, B7 and B8 (B8 The Best of  


- Each tier of the armor will provide the same stats, but the higher the tier, the higher the stats. In addition, b4 has 4 stats, b5 has 5 stats, b6 has 6 stats, b7 has 7 stats and of  

  course b8 has 8 stats.

- The New PvE Set Boxes can be obtained in the following ways

. Zombie Survival System

. Expeditions (See Notes Below)

. Daily Boss of Doom Event

- The New PvE Runes, Wings and Accessories can be reformed like normal, examine the guide to know how to obtain them

- The new 220 PvE Sets can also be socketed, and augmented.


__The Wonders Daily Boss of Doom Event__


- Everyday after the guild boss, at 20:30 (GMT+1) on Ch2 - A counter will be made to this new event, once the timer is completed, you can accept a recall to the Wonders Boss of Doom

- The Wonders Boss will give every player who attacks it x1 Weapon Box (PVE) and x1 Equiptment Box (PVE) and some cash        

- Once you kill the boss, it will also buff Channel 2 for 1 hour: x2 Drop Rate in The Wonders, +5% Coins Online, and +25% Gold Drop, Damage to Monster +100% and Damage

  to boss +50% and Battle Pass 25% - so make sure to work as a team to kill it, so you can get the buffs.

- To the player who kills this boss, you will recieve a huge 5,000,000 Wonders Affinity bonus and alot of Battle Pass points


__Introducing the new 220 PvP Map: The Demonic Ruins of Maldagar & New PvP Equiptment__


- Can teleport here when you are level 220 only on Ch1 or Ch3 [Teleporter is located in the Desert Area of The Wonders]

- Located within the Wonders, you can find the special teleporter to the Demonic Ruins

- Contains 6 floors, each floor will drop you a piece of gear for PvP (Floor 1: Boots, Floor 2: Gloves - for example)

- Inside Floor 3, 4 and 5 there are Elite Bosses dropping PvP Gear Equiptment Boxes too

- Floor 6 Contains 2 Legendary PvP Bosses, these have an incredibly high chance to drop the PvP Weapons and are currently the only way to obtain the weapons

- Floor 6 Bosses will summon every few hours with a recall to kill them

- This map is full PvP mode

- The PvP Gear has designed stats for each class

- PvP Armor is B4-B8 and cannot be reformed, it is set stats for each class and can be obtained by normal monsters inside Maldagar

- PvP Weapons is B5-B8 and cannot be reformed, it is set stats for each class and can be obtained only by the Final Room dual Dragon Bosses (75% Chance to drop)

- PvP Sets can now be augmented, since they are easy to drop, PvP and PvE sets will have the same augmentation seals for now.

- Located at arena is the 220 PvP Equiptment Trader

- Check the new equiptment items avaliable at the 1v1 Championship Master

- Tower 4 has evolved into Realm Guardians in both fire and ice maps, stop your foes from getting equiptment by killing them before they can kill the boss!

- Added new 220 PvP Equiptment Fragment that you obtain via pvp bosses, ctf/dm and 1v1 championship

- Daily Quests avaliable

- New Set Buffs added to 220 PvP Gear giving some nice stats


Support Gear for Cleric;


- Archer can now wear Support Gear that is dropped via the same methods

- When an archer class have 5/5 set gear, they will be given benefits to themselves

- When an archer class have 5/5 set gear, a new buff is avaliable to support the group [PvP] Influx of Cleric Ability which will give great buffs to their party members for 5 minutes only


Runes Can be Obtained by:


- Lucky Rune Box from Maldagar Bosses, and the new Fire/Ice Realm Guardians

- 1v1 Championship Exchanger

- 220 Equiptment Trader at arena


Wings Can be Obtained by:


- Ice/Fire Realm Guardians

- 1v1 Championship Exchanger

- 220 Equiptment Trader at arena


__New Skill Levels__


1) The Main II Skills all have now a Level 3, with additional attack when learning them

2) The Main Lvl 190 AoE Skills for each class also has an extra level, with an additional 2 targets per skill

3) The Main II Skills with AOE now has a range of 10 metres instead of 15 metres

   - The Main II Skills AoE have been restored to +10% damage in PvP due to the range change

4) All new Skills Require a new Skill Book for either II Lv.3 or AoE Lv.2 [Check Guide on how to aquire]

5) All new Skills will now require a certain Mastery Credit in order to learn them [Check Guide on how to aquire]


__New Jewels__


In this patch we introduce something new about jewels:


- Firstly, level 8 jewels are now avaliable (Avaliable by Akan Temple) and Party Expeditions

- Secondly, level 17 chaos jewels are now avaliable (Avaliable by Akan Temple)


In addition, we have added several new jewels which are described as:


- Chaos Andalite Lv. 17 [Helmet Slot Only]: Absorb PvP Damage +5.00%

- Chaos Amazonite Lv. 17 [Helmet Slot Only]: Damage Dealt to Monsters 12%

- Chaos Titanite Lv. 17 [Weapon Slot Only]: DMG Reduction in Sieges +5%

- Chaos Kunzita Lv. 17 [Weapon Slot Only]: Block Rate 10%


Jewels are also avaliable to purchase via the cash shop but are limit to 1,000 for patch





As mentioned before, the Expeditions have been completely re-designed


1) All expedition levels difficult has been changed

2) Tucana map has been redesigned including base map, monsters and bosses

3) All monsters and bosses (most) have been re-designed to fit the map better and to provide a more in-depth experience when running the dungeons

4) All Domination progress from characters have been reset

5) All expedition titles have been changed to new ones, and have upgraded stats

5.1) The difficulty for completing the expedition domination has changed from 50 --> 250

6) All reward boxes for completing expedition has been changed


- You can check the list of rewards from each stage on the Expedition Menu however a full guide has been made for everything you recieve

- Normal and hard mode now give lvl 185 and 200 equiptment boxes for newer players (since they are relatively easy to complete)

- Hell mode now gives the new Skill Level books, II lvl 3 and Aoe Lvl 2

- Hell mode now gives a new special buff called "The Great Expeditioner" which gives several incredible stats for 1 hour


7) Tank, DPS and Support system has been implemented here [Only applies in Hell mode] - Normal and Hard are still relatively easy to complete


- Monsters in hell mode now deal significant damage to DPS

- Monsters will not deal as much damage to tanks and support

- Bosses are hard in Hell mode and require a tank and cleric support, they have high HP, attack, defense and Iron Wall / Stone Skin

- Monsters in hell mode will 2 shot normal dps, try to follow a good tank who can hold the aggro with aggro skills

- Tank weapons are avalible at level 220 to help tanks survive the Hell mode


8) The drops in Expeditions have been greatly increased and improved, especially in Hell mode.


9) Indus map has been totally redesigned with a new map and bosses


10) Difficult will now match the rewards, for example, the new skill book boxes are given via expeditions however:


- Tucana will give x2 Rewards

- Cetus will give x5 Rewards

- The remaining expeditions will give x1 reward


Thanks BanG for his hard work on these maps.


__Achievement System__


Located in the Iris book, is a new achievement system, there are around 300 total achievements that can be completed.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is never something to finish in 1 day, 7 days or even 1 month. This is something for you to complete when your character is

full and you feel like you have "Nothing" to do, you can work on your character to create achievements.


You can start this system from level 185:


- At the bottom of the Iris book, you will see the new tab "Achievements"

- All new achievements are made by killing certain monsters, bosses or ultra bosses.

- When you kill a monster that is needed for achievements, you will see a green bar appear at the top of the screen, showing how many you have

  killed, and the % of completion.

- Once you have completed a certain achievement it will say 100%, you need to open the Iris book, and click Recieve reward

- For each completed achievement, your character will gain a passive buff, this is NOT AN ITEM and it will not show in your inventory, the stats

will be directly applied to your inventory:


HP: 100

Attack: 100

All Stats: 25

Damage to Monsters: 1%

Skill Power 1%


Will be applied for each completed achievement


- Each Achievement will tell you the monster needed to be killed, and some will show the location/map of the monsters.

- Soon we will update the Database with this information so you can see all the chapters required and monsters with their locations

- Note: Achievements can not be transfered to other characters, and the ability to do so will never be applied, so make sure you farm them

  on your main character, before starting on alternative ones.

- PvP Players, you can obtain a new item called "Achievement +1 Token" which will skip a achievement, you do not get to choose, it will go from the top achievement not finished down to the bottom, you need

make a ticket for this, eventually I will try this automatically, you need minimum of 3 to create a ticket. These are avaliable at all pvp exchangers. They are also inside Guild Siege package.


I hope you enjoy this amazing new system!


__Akan Temple__


Akan Temple has been implemented into this patch, with a re-design of the map, new NPC's and new bosses


Akan Teleporter is avaliable in the centre of Juno


- Akan Temple will drop level 8 Jewels normal and Chaos and special

- Akan is not as hard as hell expeditions, but it is still tricky, so you will most likely need a tank

- Cash can also be farmed in this map

- Each time you complete, leave or exit the map, you will need to reset the raid by using a Raid Reset Card, only avaliable through bosses, or the item mall

- Achievements are avaliable for all monsters and bosses inside Akan Temple

- New Quests are avaliable for missions from the Quest Area, you can accept and complete the quest at the NPC

- Akan starts easy, and gets harder the further you get inside the Raid

- Daily Quests are avaliable via quest area


__Battle Pass Changes__




1) As mentioned, battle pass points have decreased generally, due to the new Battle Pass Buff rings, and the new titles etc with the stat buff


2) Battle Pass rewards are changing, the "base" rewards stay the same however, as C2s are hard to bring very often we now introduce a series of

legendary items for battle pass:


Number 1: Every single month, a brand new luxury P2 will be avaliable a luxury design/model never seen before. A new

guide will be made to post the new pet 5 days before the reset.


Number 2: Legendary Weapon C2 skins will be avaliable every single month, new and never seen before custom weapon mods will be avaliable, and also

added to the battle pass guide 5 days before, with the screenshot of the pet


3) All battle pass pets will contain the same skill "Ultimate Battle Pass Pet Buff", you will only ever need one of the battle pass pets, not all of them

as it is 1 buff for all pets, and do not stack. This is to prevent 100s of buffs on the buff row.


This buff will give you (10 minutes duration):


- 5% Attack

- 5% Magic Attack

- 5% Skill Hit Rate


The first pet is the new [Ultimate-BP-P2] Kaligar which was shown in sneek peeks earlier.



4) Battle Pass Pets will also have a damage skill similar to shiva, but an extra 15+ targets and 100% damage for BP pets is applied [AoE Destruction] [DISABLED]


5) Battle Pass Pet buffs are expensive to learn, because they are very strong, each skill has only one level, but will require a large amount of


- [P2] Premium Bless x5

- [P2] Bless x1000

- [P2] Curse x1000


For both of the skills.


If you wish to use one of these pets for buffs, you cannot use it as an attack pet, so after a few months of BP, you can use one pet in the Pet Fairy for the buff

and use the pet you like the best, to help you in combat.


__Tigress Shuri__


Introdcuing a Brand New Boss type


You will recieve a message when she summons to teleport to her


1) Shuri is a hard boss that will trigger random events during the time killing her


2) Will be used on Spawn Events


3) The events she can trigger:


- Boss Enrage Mode - Hack Attack Speed and x4 damage

- Shuri's Power of Little Attack - x2 damage

- Shuri's Power of Defence - x5 defense

- Shuri's Incredible Curse -99% movement speed debuff


4) Shuri will also make server messages as she is being defeated


5) Shuri summons minions to help her fight the battle


6) During damaging Shuri, you will be rewarded dependent on the damage you deal to her, the more damage, the more rewards


7) When Shuri is killed, she will bless all around her with a new super-drop reward, dropping 100s and even 1000s of items on the floor to be picked up, so be fast!


8) This boss will be summoned every Saturday with the spawn event


__PvP Changes and Updates:__


1) The Design of the Capture the Flag & Death Match zone has been reworked, it is now a smaller map, with less running space, and less objects, providing higher FPS and a more fast-paced action of PvP


2) The Maximum PvP Absorb Damage has changed from 75% --> 85%


- With perks, you can obtain 87% total PvP ABS


3) The times for CTF/DM has swapped, so CTF is now in the evening, and DM is earlier in the day


4) Merac Siege area is now x2 in size, with lower models and less harsh textures for improved FPS during the sieges. All bugged spots now fixed and you can walk in all areas of the Throne Room


5) Pet buffs will now delete in when entering any PvP mode - meaning they are now only used for PvE


- Horse Buffs can still be used in PvP


6) PvP has been tested and adjusted to the new skill levels, equiptment etc


PvP Balancing will come when more people are full, for now it is ok.


See PvP content above these notes