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Huge Patch ALC - 2024!
  1. Hello everyone, whilst this is not a content patch that you maybe are looking for, since the heavy content we have, I don't want to keep providing you with more and more pointless content. For now, we keep the content
    we have, and my main focus is to fix all of our bugs and make the servers more stable, a new content patch is in the works, but takes time.

    __For now I bring to you a bug fix patch with small QOL updates__

    Firstly, Bang has been working very hard to re-design our Juno for 2024, including less heavier textures, a more open shopping area (You'll see why later in the notes) and to provide us with a lovely new start!

    Check out some features including:

    - New Juno Gate
    - New Juno C2 and Affinity Area
    - Big open concept in the middle
    - New arena

    and so much more, thanks alot @BanG!

    __So, the patch notes:__

    1) Fixed Oscar Affinity Pack not giving the maximum affinity.

    2) Fixed some bug that allowed you to teleport back to the Summer Map. 

    3) The [BOSS]Maze Master Kolossus now drops gold, before he didn't 

    4) For the Drake HP buff, it started at level 30 skill to get the max hp, now you can start getting more HP from levels 24-30

    5) Zombie Affinity Changes:

    - You can now offer [PvE] Gift of the Moon to the Affinity 

    6) The Tomb and Misty Canyon has been unlocked once again, the XP bug here is now fixed.

    7) The bug with guild points is now fixed, you cannot get negative value anymore and you can learn now the skills and cap members XP

    8) The bug with pheonix on ex-rogue is now fixed and she gets the correct items

    9) Affinity error saying "You have already made a friend" is now fixed 

    10) All Stats (+) stat is fixed, when using on a title 

    11) EXP(%) Stat is now fixed and applied to a few accessories and others

    12) SP(%) Stat is now fixed and applied to a few accessories and others 

    13) The Guild Boss is now fixed, the first boss that appeared would be bugged and unable to be attacked, then a GM would have to run the command. This is now working and doesn't require a GM, and is fully autonomous. [Awaiting more tests]

    14) The issue where players were not receiving Siege Attendance Tickets during Extreme Juno Castle Siege is now fixed, and you will recieve Tickets during your attendance on the Siege

    15) An issue where 1) The Zombie Ranking did not reset automatically on Thursdays is now fixed, in addition 2) For any reason the ranking does not reset, we can now reset the rankings whilst the server is online, and therefore
    get your rewards every Thursday like you should. 

    16) EXP has now been uncapped, and the experience bug experienced when using all boosters/potions is fixed - sometimes you didnt need to use XPB to gain more XP because you got more without - this is now fixed, and you'll get more 
    experience when using boosters. 

    17) We have added a new slot for C2 wings, and all [Meld] wings have changed to C2 instead of [Meld] 

    17.1) All names changed in item mall / in-game for this

    17.2) C2 Wings now have stats and can be reformed also 

    17.3) C2 Wings can now be extended with the C2 Extender

    17.4) Ex-Rogue and Arch-Mage can now use all Rogue/Mage C2 Wings 

    Note: Since the Meld has changed to C2 - some players may experience an issue where their Equiptment is still "attached" - this is because it was not unmelded before the patch as requested, please make a ticket so I can fix any
    of these, once it is unmelded, you can therefore use C2 and will never experience this Melding issue once again. 

    18) The Pheonix Club manager Cash and OTP has been upgraded, all disconnects happening at this NPC is fixed - in addition I have added exchangers for all cash and otp tickets for easier conversions

    19) Fixed the incorrect text on the 200 weapons quest 

    20) Fixed an issue where the Random PvP Equiptment - Helmet Box was not inside the Maze Intelligence Co-ordinator NPC in Juno 

    21) Done some more economic balancing 

    22) The 165 Free Set that did not contain the Shield for TK, is now fixed, and is inside the box. 

    23) An issue with the 1v1 PvP Championship where players didn't recieve the accessory for being in the top, is now fixed also next month rewards will be correct

    24) Now, when completing a guild war, the winning side will be given a Prize Package "Guild War Winner Package" to their guild members who won [Directly to inventory]

    25) Added a option in the settings to turn off the players Green HP Bar [Click on to see, off not to see] 

    26) Fixed 2 server crashes that were happening randomly 

    27) Fixed the server crash happening during 1v1 system randomly

    28) Fixed an error log when standing in Juno 

    29) Fixed an error log in relation to Bianca, now you can drag items, or double click them to enter/withdraw items

    30) Now all items in the item mall will show the class that they are designed for directly in the description 

    31) Fire x Ice Rework: 

    -  Now, every monster killed will give you +1 points to your side
    -  Monsters will give x2 points when running an event Ice x Fire [Stacks with boosters to give x4] 
    -  Added a new item to the item mall called "Ice x Fire Realm Point Booster x2" 
    -  Monsters now a little harder to kill
    -  Towers now a little stronger 
    -  Towers now drop 50 Cash Ticket every time killed, so it is worth to farm them
    -  Upgraded the Tower Daily Quests, to give Pouches of Armory so you can exchange them to get the 200 PvP Set 

    Description: A kill booster used in the Fire x Ice map, when killing towers or monsters you will recieve x2 points for your faction.
    Avaliable: Cash Shop only 

    32) Platinum Drop Booster is now automatic and you can double click them to continously use

    33) Insane Superior Item Drop Booster is now automatic and you can double click them to continously use

    34) Whilst some may not like it, the Class Equiptment Exchange card has been increased from 50k cash --> 75k cash and 750,000 OTP --> 1,000,000 OTP to prevent changing so much 

    35) All Reward Box from guild master can now be traded 

    36) Cost of Reborn Token changed from 45,000 --> 5,000

    37) Poker Master title has been re-added to level 4 Loot Wheel on website

    38) Potion of Pet Healing has been made tradeable to help complete this section of the Iris Book 

    39) A bug where C2 would expire when taking them from Mysterious Statue means they dissappear is now fixed by:

    - All C2 items are no longer able to be entered into Roy/Siban

    - All items with a timer [E.g Accessories] can no longer be sold in Roy/Siban 

    40) A few lacaball changes has been implemented already ~

    41) Zombie titles are now tradeable 
    42) All [Rank] reward boxes has been dramatically upgraded to make climbing the rankings more fun and challenging 

    43) Added "Legendary V2 Rudolph Collar" to [Pack] All Pet Buffs! 

    44) A bug where Halloween & Halloween Undead Weapons did not give the correct stats for C2 Weapons is now fixed 

    45) The Golden Labyrinth bosses [Lizzard Swordsman] & [Obellus] now drops an additional x20 Dark Matter Particles when killed 

    46) Aphelion LC Care Package has changed to a full cash drop as a way to farm cash! 

    47) C2 Extender [7 Days & 30 Days] Packages added to the item mall

    48) Fixed a bug with Characters Birthday gift - now the box will give you the birthday titles, and these titles has been upgraded - secondly, if anyone already claimed this box just let me know so I can give you the title

    49) Added to the item mall: "Battle Pass Seasonal Box" as a way to get previous BP Tier Boxes 

    50) Added #1#1#1#1#1[PVE]#1#1#1#1 title and given it to the boss and monster rankings #1 package 

    51) Changed #1#1#1#1[PVP]#1#1#1#1 Title to 2 day duration instead of 5 days 

    52) Added at the Aphelion Item Exchanger 25k Battle Pass Booster to 1m booster exchange

    53) Fixed stats of all Fantastic Hair covers from item mall 

    54) Fixed stats of all siege helmets [c2]

    55) A new season of the Battle Pass has been applied, previous C2 rewards removed, and this season is time to collect the [C2] Star of the Night weapon covers :)! 

    56) Fixed instant invisible from ex-rogues 

    57) Fixed stats and reform on "C2 Blessed Staff"

    58) Fixed reform ability from "Legacy Staff"

    59) Fixed the MS reading to be abit more accurate 

    60) I have added now a new accessory called "Ring of Buffs" with 6 seals of 10% Duration of buffs, which can be reformed to a max of x3 seals, I reccomend putting these on a second/third page, reforming them, and change set to buff, then go back to other set
    this will increase the duration of all buffs recieved by alot! 

    61) Added Ch3 back - PvP 

    __New Offline Merchant Mode System__

    The biggest problem we face with merchant modes is that players do not want to make big shops because they may get memory loss etc. 

    We have added:

    1) Added an Offline Mode to Merchant Mode - Simply click the offline tick box to enter offline store mode

    2) When opening a store, you will be disconnected, now you can close your client and turn your PC off, you will remain online and your merchant will still be in 

    3) You will also accumulate online time points and online cash, plus O'Clock Tokens when in offline mode

    4) To exit offline mode simply login the account and you will get "Account ID already logged in" just accept and re-login to play normally

    Note: You do not need client or pc turned on to be in Offline Mode

    Example: Place 4 accounts in Merchant Mode, then play with just 1 client open for better FPS and having stores open too 

    __New Code System__

    We have implemented a fix to Lorraine "Promotional Package" system and now we can offer you some codes with some nice packages inside for celebrations
    or for events. 

    1) Most items inside the Codes will be character bound so you cannot trade or store them, make sure to put the code on the character you want 

    2) Codes will be offered 1 per account mostly, but some will be per IP, so one each. Each time a code is posted I will tell you if it is IP or Account Bound

    3) Codes can be generated automatically with no server reboot

    For this patch I would like to introduce a new player code which is avaliable to everyone now (One per IP)


    Enter this code at Lorraine to recieve the items

    In addition: 

    I have added a new accessory for new players who accept this code: "[Newbie] Ring of Power" which contains some useful stats for their first character, 
    and some new seal fixes too like EXP(%) [This ring only works level <185]

    __A few PvP / PvE Class Changes__

    1) NightShadow has been given a +10,000 HP base addition 

    2) Rework for how HL plays in PvP: 1) -50% PvP Damage on all classes. 2) Trick Swing II now deals x2 Hits instead of 1 at level 2. 3) +1 Metre range on Trick Swing II to combat range characters.

    3) Whilst WM is a strong 1v1 competator, he lacks a weakness in group play and siege play, for this reason his damage reflect gets a huge 10% buff, meaning he has more surivability and group play in battles. 

    4) Whilst Cleric remains unkillable in 1v1, and due to the new damages, her group heal has been reduced from 7% heal --> 6% heal and barrier -35 reduction --> -30% reduction - but her self heal has been increased from 13% --> 15% to help her survive alone 

    4.1) The "Mark of Despair" skill for cleric has been reduced from +140% Damage on next Skill --> +50% Damage on Next Skill, however, it has changed to an AOE and can mark a maximum of 3 targets with a big range 

    In addition, the Mark of Despair skill cast time has been fixed "Another skill is in use" and it will now cast in relation to your skill speed, in addition, for this, a 3s cooldown has been applied

    5) As TK is not the most favored character to play in PvP due to the high damages. I want to increase his abilities when in team play, for this reason the following changes has occured:

    Protection [Party Buff] - Defense increase 1,000 --> 10,000 & added 5% damage reflection to all members buffed by TK 

    Baller [Party Buff] - Changed now to "Baller Heal" and whilst increases Physical Attack by 10%, it now also increases magic attack +10% - A new stat has been added 1% HP recovery every second the skill is active. Buff now lasts 15 seconds 
    and has a CD of 2.5 minutes

    6) Shield of Light now decreases damage taken in PvP from 5% --> 8%

    7) To balance ranger a little more -20,000 Base HP has been removed 

    8) To balance Specalist a little more in survivability +10,000 base HP has been added 

    9) Anti-Move Defection Scroll has been changed/rename to --> Anti-Skill Defection Scroll - This will now Reduces the hit rate of the enemies skills by -30% for 2 seconds and cannot be cured

    10) [De-Buff] Realm Evasion Debuff has been changed to 2 second duration, 10 second cooldown and non-curable 

    11) [De-Buff] Realm Hit Rate Debuff has been changed to 2 second duration, 10 second cooldown and non-curable

    12) [De-Buff] Realm HP / MP Debuff has been changed to 2 second duration, 10 second cooldown and non-curable 

    13) To improve Royal Knight in PvE "Blood Bath" has been given an additional +5 metres casting range and AOE Splash range 

    14) To improve WM in PvE he has had a HUGE buff of 20% skill power directly to Double Sword Strike, whilst the suggestion was to increase it's casting speed, its good to have diversity, now althought he is a little slower, his damage in quite incredible 

    15) Archers, enjoy your new AOE 190 skill animation ~~